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How does it work?

Our system is based on the new and latest WhatsApp vulnerabilities. However, behind it there is an arduous task of constantly monitoring WhatsApp servers. Likewise, connections are established with the databases stored in thousands and millions of stations or files (cracked) in the cloud. In the meantime, backup copies roll aimlessly and also without protection, and this is the vulnerability exploited by our tool.

Do they know it was me?

We offer free VPN 4 protection between your device (IP) and our system. In addition, the connections between our servers and WhatsApp are permanently filtered.
(Recommended; for more power and security you can optionally use a United States IP. using F-secure VPN available for iOS -. macOS-. Android-. Windows)


The compatibility of our WhatsApp spy application is great. Regardless of where you are connected to our app, an autodesing process is developed that provides full compatibility regardless of where you are, in addition this autodesing service does not lack any feature seen from a fully compatible device, this ensures fluid navigation when spying WhatsApp messages using BackupLector (Emulating the WhatsApp that you like the most).

What I need?

Using the logic of an experienced hacker, what you will need the most is patience, our servers will usually be overloaded and our database or cloud storage will be congested in only a few cases. However, this is not an impediment for you to be able to hack a WhatsApp account, what was mentioned above can be solved with a stable internet connection. Do you have more questions?.